Our Technology

We are proud to offer the latest in podiatric technology right in our office.
Moreover, we are proud to provide the following “non-invasive” treatments -as alternatives to surgery-located onsite. These technological machines are utilized for diagnosis and treatment of foot injuries, and will often allow the diagnosis and treatment of a foot condition to take place with just one visit.

Here are just a few of the cutting edge technological advances that we have onsite:

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy:

Dr. Friedman uses a Dornier ESWT machine to provide an alternative to surgery, for heel and arch pain associated with Plantar Fasciitis. The Dornier ESWT machine uses shock waves to stimulate the body's own repair mechanisms which helps relieve pain. To do this, conducting gel is applied to the troubled area of the foot. The “therapy head” then administers a shock wave to the afflicted area, which is controlled by one of our technicians. This treatment generally takes 20 minutes, and allows patients to leave the office wearing the same sneakers they came in wearing. Click here for more information.

Podiatric Digital Scanner:

Our digital scanner also utilizes non invasive technology to “read,” analyze, and prevent chronic pain and potentially dangerous injuries. The information that is gathered by digitally scanning the feet provides Dr. Friedman and his team with a clear picture of the condition of the feet and ankles. The digital scanner in our office is especially helpful in the prediction of foot ulcers in diabetics by locating and defining pressure points. Digital scanners are also instrumental in reading plantar aspects in runners and enable us to customize orthotics for patients.

X-Ray Unit:

Having an X-Ray Unit on site allows Dr. Friedman to diagnose and treat ankle and foot fractures in one visit. Rather than sending our patients to a different location for X-Rays and then returning for treatment, we are able to efficiently detect and treat fractures, arthritis, and biomechanical abnormalities without delay.